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Superintendent's message

I hope you are all having a great summer! I am looking forward to a great school year! After two years of observing and getting to know our students and staff. I can tell you that our communities are truly blessed with great kids and great staff members!
Our staff provides amazing learning opportunities every day for our students and we have students who take their studies seriously. Our students’ pursue big dreams and work hard to achieve them. Many of our kids are rewarded each year with thousands of dollars in scholarship support to make their college dreams a reality.
Some things we are looking forward to. We have a new professional development model that will provide more frequent growth opportunities for our staff. The ESD has agreed to provide monthly support to our model. They will rotate their specialist in technology, math, ELA and Science on a monthly bases sharing the latest best practice ideas that are being used in our region. We hope to connect to this network and add a few new ideas to the great work already being done. The model will also create some Professional Learning Community time (PLC, as all educational jargon must have initials). This will allow our teachers time to first study an issue of concern, then implement a research based best practice, review the results and adjust as needed. Teams that work together will be more effective in meeting the needs of our students.
Thanks to the ongoing support of our communities the Wilbur-Creston schools have been on the cutting edge of technology for several years. We were among the first to have one to one devices available for our students. Starting last year, we began upgrading our older IPADs and replacing them with Chromebooks. We are finding these easier to monitor and cheaper to purchase. For this year the High School should all have newer Chromebooks to assist in their studies. Our teacher workstations will also be upgraded this fall, giving our teachers additional opportunities to use technology to present lessons.
Enjoy the rest of your summer with your kids! We look forward to sharing a great learning experience this fall!

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Some of the goings-ons at the Wilbur School in getting ready for the 2019-2020 School Year.